The proof of the pudding is in the listening
Transferring vinyl records into a digital format is not only very time-consuming,
the importance of the cleaning process beforehand,
the use of high-end equipment and the audio repair afterwards,
are awfully underrated.
Present day, the sound quality standard for vinyl rips is very low - even with professional DJ's. Playing a combination of vinyl and different sounding digital files in a DJ-set can become challenging. Poor rips cause ear fatigue and simply don't do justice to often beautifully produced music, losing a lot of its sparkle and definition in the process.
These low-grade vinyl recordings come as no surprise. As with many technical processes, a lack of know-how and appropriate equipment will result in an unsatisfactory outcome. A low-budget stylus will never be able to track the groove as accurately as a professional one and sonic information will get lost in translation. A dedicated high quality phono pre-amp will amplify the signal more adequately and a high budget AD converter will capture the signal more precisely than a basic sound card.
Lack of definition and clarity across the whole frequency spectrum
Overpowering clicks, crackles, noise and other sonic artifacts
Inconsistent volume levels across multiple recordings
Sonic Artifacts
DIY Problems
Some of the common issues with low-budget homemade recordings are:
Essing or other types of distortion
Inconsistent sound colour across recordings with different setups
Rough high frequences resulting in aggressive sounding recordings
The contact area between the tip of the stylus and the groove is so small that it can result in very high local temperatures up to 160°C, damaging the top layer of the record microscopically and wearing out the vinyl with every play. Especially in a club environment, DJ needles are often fitted with a high tracking force hence putting extra strain on the grooves.
With this in mind, it's clear that archiving precious records before playing them regularly and wearing them out irreversibly, is a wise thing to do.
From a single record to an entire collection, we help you capture the best digital version of the music tucked away in those grooves.

Avoid wasting time with a suboptimal set-up at home yielding mediocre results and have us convert your records into an indestructible digital format, at an affordable price.
For more information on the individual steps of the digitization process, head to the Services section.
We've also added a section with A/B comparison tests demonstrating the differences between recordings with or without cleaning process, with or without restoration and using different budget equipment.